Medical Second Opinion

If you are suffering with an Orthopedic problem, or have been advised major Orthopedic surgery, pl visit our helpdesk to seek a second opinion... Opinions sought from the Doctor over EMAIL are FREE. Second Opinions may help in tackling a diagnosis dilemma, or offering alternative treatment options for patient suffering with any Orthopedic problem.

However, please don't expect the Doctor to prescribe medications without physically evaluating the patient.

Any Consultation scheduled in the Clinic/ Hospital will be chargeable as per the existing structure.

Please write to us @


Please attach copies of relevant documents, along with a short summary of the problem. Pl mention the co-morbid conditions, including major surgeries in the past, and medical allergies. 

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1. By clicking on the link, you agree to share your medical records and health related information with us, to help in finding the Right Diagnosis, and treatment options.

2. Under some circumstances, it is important for the doctor to physically examine the clinical findings; therefore under such cases, please abide by the doctor's recommendation for your own best interest.

3. Despite the best and sincere efforts, it is sometimes possible that the doctor is not in a position to offer a definite diagnosis, as the patient in question is not directly being examined, the users must understand the opinion provided by the doctor is based on the analysis of the available information, and medical records only. Any such misinterpretations, or typographical error, will not be valid for medico legal purposes, or in a court of law.

4. The email and contact number provided to the website may be used to share important medical information or events. However, they will not be shared with any third party for commercial purposes.