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Mr. Gambhir, DLF, Gurgaon

My father suffered multiple fractures on his upper arm as a result of his fall. He was left with broken left arm with multiple fractures close to the shoulder joint. The complicated procedure was skillfully handled by the ortho surgeon Dr Anurag Awasthi. Post operative recovery of the patient was fast and closely attended by Dr Awasthi. Besides an efficient Orthopaedic Dr Awasthi is endowed with great human touch which is important for the patient and his post operative care during his recovery. We are happy to have known him. I wish him many great feats ahead. Lalit Gambhir, August 29th, 2013 via GMail 

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Dr A K Singh, Consultant - Pulmonology & Respiratory Disorders;        Fortis Escorts, New Delhi

DR ANURAG is a very capable, committed, knowledgeable and good surgeon. I have seen him managing my patients with orthopaedic problems with great proficiency. Wish him best of luck for a bright future ahead. via Linkedin


Dr Pankaj Surange

Dr Pankaj Surange, Interventional Pain & Spine Specialist,                       New Delhi/ Gurgaon

I, Dr Pankaj N Surange, MBBS, MD, FIPP practicing Interventional Pain and Spine Specialist in New Delhi ,India, am immensely pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Dr. Anurag Awasthi. I have known Dr Anurag since last 4 yrs when he joined Artemis hospital where I happened to be one of the Anesthesiologist. 
Dr Awasthi is a good Surgeon and I have found him to be a hard working and a thorough professional doctor.his level of enthusiasm for his work is high and he shows a high degree of responsibility in his work and conduct with his patients. He is always willing to share his knowledge and skills with his team members. via Linkedin

 Dr Sunil Morekar, Consultant Eye Surgeon, Cumbala Hill Hospital, Fortis Vashi, Mumbai

Dr Sunil Morekar

Anurag is a doctor par excellence.He pays attention to detail with extreme care and a human touch making him an ideal doctor.His knowledge is up to date and his skills marvelous.As a Human being, he is warm and puts your worries to rest not only by his words but also his actions.He is sincere hardworking and shares a good reputation among peers. via Linkedin


 Dr Arvind K Singh  Dr Arvind K Singh, Assistant Professor, Preventive & Social Medicine, Muzzafarnagar Medical College 

I know Dr Anurag Awasthi since MBBS and truely speaking, i know very few people who are more capable and hard working in their jobs than him. Dr Anurag works with full zeal and dedication, and does not rest till the work is done with perfection. He is a good administrator and knows how to direct the subordinates in doing their jobs with full respect. I recommend this young man for any post that demands perfection and hard work. via Linkedin


Mr S S Gill, Scientist at Defence, Chennai Area

Dr Anurag Awasthi is good surgeon. via Linkedin


   Dr Lenin Baburajan, Consultant Laparoscopic Surgeon, Formerly at Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon

Specialist in Orthopedics. via Linkedin


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